How Does Clove Help with Adrenal Support?

Smelling Rosemary is one of the best ways to help alleviate and control stress in the body. When you are able to lessen the burden on the adrenals, they will be able to restore themselves.

Ways to Use Rosemary for Adrenal Support
  • Add 2-3 drops of Rosemary to a bowl of hot water. Soak cloth in Rosemary water, lightly rinse, and apply to affected area for 10-15 mins.
  • Add 1 drop of Rosemary to 1 ounce of water. Place in a rollerball and inhale when desired.
  • Add 2-3 drops of Rosemary in your diffuse.

You can also use  Rosemary and Peppermint for Adrenal Support 

  • Put one drop of each oil in your hands, rub hands together to mix oils, cup hands over your mouth and breathe in deeply to inhale the aroma.
  • You can also diffuse the combination for added energy at home. 
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How Does Clove Help with Adrenal Support?

One of the main chemical components in Clove is Eugenol, which makes it a very stimulating and energizing essential oil. It is known to stimulate healthy circulation, higher energy levels, and relieve fatigue associated with adrenal burnout.

Ways to Use Clove for Adrenal Support
  • Put a few drops in your diffuser or in a steam inhalation to improve mood or help with stress.
  • Add 1-2 drops of Clove to your favorite carrier oil and massage on abdomen or your lower back.
  • Add 2 drops of Clove to water and gargle for a soothing effect.
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Cinnamon Bark

How Does Cinnamon Bark Help with Adrenal Support?

Often times adrenal glands, which are activated during stress, are overworked. Long-term stress causes these glands to become fatigued and unable to keep up with the demands of the body. Cinnamon Bark strengthens the endocrine system (our adrenals are part of this system), the nervous system, and helps balance blood sugar levels. It promotes physical energy and stimulates the immune system.

Ways to Use Cinnamon Bark for Adrenal Support
  • Dilute Cinnamon Bark essential oil with Fractionated Coconut Oil and use during a massage to warm those sore and tender areas.
  • Add one drop of Cinnamon Bark to two ounces of water and gargle. Due to Cinnamon Bark oil’s natural cleansing properties, this rinse will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean.
  • Put two drops in a veggie capsule and take daily to help maintain a healthy immune system.
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