- 3 Ways to Purchase the Best Oils -

Right Now!

- 1 -


This is the 1st way to purchase essential oils, but honestly, nobody here is going to buy retail. 

(Nope! I won’t let you!) 

The only time you would buy oils at retail prices is if you were at a chiropractic office, a spa or another professional setting. 

(Honestly, it’s the most expensive way to buy essential oils. You can thank me later!)

- 2 -


This is very similar to getting a wholesale grocery membership, like Costco or Sam's Club. You pay a small annual membership that gives you access to dōTERRA's great products at the best prices. 

Your dōTERRA membership will allow you to buy products at 25% below retail -- and get a free Peppermint oil every year.

- 3 -


Yep, it gets even better. This is the ONLY way we buy our oils. It’s the smartest way! 

I would love to teach you how I get my essential oils for below wholesale, get monthly rewards points, and even get some of my oils free...

Reach out and let's talk. 

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